Vigo is Galicia´s largest and most populated conurbation, with no less than 300,000 inhabitants currently living in the city. When the greater municipality of Vigo (which covers about 110 sq. km) is added, this figure swells up to around half a million people. Despite these facts and Vigo’s status as Galicia’s economic powerhouse, the city is neither a regional nor provincial capital. The latter falls to Pontevedra and the former to Santiago de Compostela.

Vigo’s location sees it expanding around the Ria de Vigo (Vigo’s estuary) and initially the most noticeable features of this location are the motorway (on which you travel) as it arcs its way around, and often above, the city, and the massive port-side developments.

Vigo is a vast city, but it is a clean, and in parts very striking, one. It is also a location that attracts an increasing number of tourists thanks to its mix of history, beautiful beaches and modern cosmopolitan outlook.

Vigo’s port is considered the best in Galicia and in recent years it has been established as a departure point for cruise liners touring the Atlantic coast of Europe.

Aside from the obvious features of Vigo’s heritage, beaches and marinas, it also has some excellent museums and art galleries, a multitude of high quality restaurants serving the freshest of seafoods, and even the remains of an old Celtic fort town. For walkers there are opportunities to walk on the hills above the city with spectacular views of the bay of Vigo down below. All told, Vigo is a city with a wealth of attractions, especially to those who want a short break, or a long weekend away at a destination they have not previously visited.

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