“We are currently en route north to U.K and we had to stop due to the bad weather in Biscay. We ventured up River in Vigo and we found Marina Davila.

This place is awesome; they are passionate about quality and service. It has been an absolute refreshing pleasure to be here. There is an outstanding restaurant on site, the airport is close, the beaches are beautiful and at the marina copious amounts of fish swim freely around the boat showing how clean the water is”

Egon Viljoen. Captain M/Y Legend.

Marina Davila Sport, located at the Vigo port, was built in 2006 specifically for Mega-yachts. The Marina is close to the highway and only 10 minutes away from Vigo international airport.

Also, it was strategically built close to main auxiliary naval industries such as electronics or engine and refrigeration official brand parts and services.


1. A 236 mt. long pier destined for Mega-yachts ranging in total length from 35 mt. to over 170 mt., with individual water and electricity service. Mega-yachts are berthed sideways. This dockage has three types of shore power protection; switch, trip circuit breaker and thermal-magnetic circuit breaker.

2. Several berths for yachts up to 30 mt. in length with finger and possibility of tying the bow to a mooring chain.

3. We have our own transformers and we get 240 V (single phase) and 400 V (triple phase). Max power requested up to date was 50 Amp per phase.

4. The height of this pontoon is 98 cm over above sea level.

5. The average depth throughout the marina is 20 to 25 mt.; the shallowest is 12 mt. in depth.

6. The marina has sidelines to a mooring system that keep the yachts separate from the dock, so that fenders don´t chaff their paintwork.

7. We offer competitive bunkering prices on top quality diesel (tax free if applicable) direct from dock to yacht.


MUELLE DE REPARACIONES DE BOUZAS S/N 36208 VIGO, PONTEVEDRA (SPAIN) Phone: (+34) 986 24 46 12 Fax: (+34) 986 20 68 09


Muelle de Reparaciones de Bouzas s/n, 36208 Vigo - Pontevedra (Spain).

Empresa Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Pontevedra, Libro 2167, Folio 1, Hoja PO-21829.